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One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
- Henry Miller

Guided Tours of Izu

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Are you ready to discover the Izu Peninsula?

The Izu Peninsula is consistently rated among the top three destinations in Japan for domestic travelers. What makes Izu such a captivating place? That’s what you’ll find out with Jimmy’s Izu.

  • Charming locations
  • Friendly and welcoming people
  • Rich culture and important history
  • Incredible food
  • Amazing natural beauty

Let me introduce you to Izu with my guided tours.

Each tour is designed to teach you about things that make Izu different from other places in Japan: We’ll explore old and modern Izu, learn about local plant and animal life, look at how Izu’s unusual geology (similar to Hawaii) defines its character, and we’ll get you up close with Izu’s people and culture.


Why Izu?

For many first time visitors, Japan's must see destinations are:

These major destinations comprise the “Golden Route” and are an important part of any Japan experience.

Once you’re ready to get off the beaten path in Japan, you will discover many amazing destinations rich in beautiful scenery, diverse culture, and incredible food. For example, ask a Tokyoite about their favorite destination, and many will tell you “Izu.”


Discover Izu