Jimmy's Izu English

Izu Area Guided Tours

Jimmy’s Izu English tours are designed with the following goals:

  • Show you the unique charm and character of the Izu Peninsula
  • Meet the people of Izu and appreciate local perspectives
  • Provide the opportunity for a life changing experience



The eruption of Mt. Omuro resulted in a huge lava flow. Ito’s famous Jogasaki coast is the result. Our walk along the coast begins at a 400 year old fishing hut.

Mt. Omuro/Sakura no Sato: Ito’s most prominent geological feature is Mt. Omuro, a scoria cone volcano that erupted 4,000 years ago. Today, you can take a chair lift to the top of the volcano and walk around the rim.

To understand Japan, nothing is better than learning about life in a typical rural village. Our tour of the village Ike (ee-kay) is designed to introduce you to the fundmentals of Japanese culture. See how members of the community worked together to survive in Izu’s rugged terrain by working in harmony with nature and each other.

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