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Are you tired of following the tourist crowds and craving a truly authentic Japanese experience? Look no further than the stunning Izu Peninsula, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Japan’s breathtaking Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

The Izu Peninsula boasts breathtaking landscapes and diverse geological wonders, earning its recognition as a UNESCO Geopark. At Jimmy’s Izu Tours, we specialize in providing unique and unforgettable local experiences that you won’t find in any guidebook.

We offer small group, insightful tours that allow you to delve deep into the heart of authentic Japan travel. Discover the rich history and culture of Izu through encounters with its coastal and mountain landscapes, storytelling, visits to small, but intimate and ancient shrines and temples that people really use, and spontaneous encounters with locals. Experience a side of Japan that those who stick to the main tourist routes rarely see.

Izu is a hidden gem that is waiting to be explored, and it’s conveniently located just a short side trip off the shinkansen route from Tokyo to Kyoto. It’s easy for you to venture off the beaten path and discover the true beauty of Japan.

Join us for a journey that will take you beyond the typical tourist destinations and into the heart of authentic Japan. Contact us today to plan your unforgettable trip to Izu.

Our Tours

Jogasaki Coast Walking Tour

Explore the stunning natural beauty of the Jogasaki Coast on an easy and leisurely walking tour. Led by a knowledgeable and experienced local guide, you’ll follow a scenic coastal trail that winds along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, you’ll marvel at breathtaking views of the Izu-Oshima islands, rugged cliffs, sparkling blue water, and lush green forests. You’ll learn about the unique geology and marine life of the area. Through storytelling, you’ll also learn about life as a local in the coastal village of Futo, where the Jogasaki Coast is located.

The highlight of the tour is the suspension bridge that spans two volcanic cliffs, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the coastline. As you cross the bridge, you’ll feel the thrill of being suspended high above the water and taking in the awe-inspiring beauty of the coastline from a unique vantage point.

Don’t miss this unforgettable opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Japan on our Jogasaki Coast Walking Tour.

Ready to experience the Jogasaki Coast?

Mt. Omuro Walking Tour

Join us on a 2-1/2 hour walking tour of Mt. Omuro, an extinct volcano with a unique circular shape that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Our knowledgeable local guide will lead you on a gentle hike around the summit rim, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the Izu Peninsula, and the majestic Mt. Fuji in the distance.

As you walk, you’ll learn about the history and geology of the area, including how Mt. Omuro was formed and its significance in Japanese culture. You’ll also .

At the summit, take a break and enjoy a cup of traditional Japanese tea while soaking in the views. This is a truly unique and unforgettable experience that is not to be missed.


Discover the spectacular views and cultural significance of Mt. Omuro!

Ike Village Walking Tour

Discover life in a typical Japanese village on our tour of the hidden gems of Ike, a charming village in the city of Ito. Led by our knowledgeable and friendly guides, you’ll explore the quaint streets of Ike, lined with Japanese houses of varied age and design, gardens, shrines, roadside dieties and historical monuments. This tour introduces you to life in a typical Japanese village that has evolved from the distant past.

As you walk, you’ll learn about the history and culture of Ike, including its significance as the setting of a folktale shrouded in fact and fiction. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit local temple and shrine and learn how to communue with their resident dieties.

The highlight of the tour is a visit to Ryuukein (Dragon Temple), where you’ll have the opportunity to hear a reading of the legend of The Red Cow of Ike. This is a rare and special opportunity to experience the beauty and serenity of Japanese culture up close.

Don’t miss this chance to discover the beauty and charm of Ike on our walking tour.


Don’t miss out on this unique cultural experience.

What is a walking tour?

It’s easy to forget that not long ago, everybody got from one place to another by walking. When you walk outdoors, you get out in the fresh air, you share your experience with others, and you rediscover the amazing beauty of the world around you. Simple walking taps into something very fundamental. The goal of our tours is to immerse ourselves in Izu’s amazing nature and discover with all our senses.

Jimmy’s walking tours will not only introduce you to the beauty and charm of Izu, but will show you connections to Japanese history and culture. All tours are designed to help you appreciate the local and national character of Japan.

All tours are based around the city of Ito, the largest and most populated city in Izu, making it a great place to start.

Jimmy’s Izu Tours is open Thursday – Monday, year round.

We run two tours each day:
    Morning 9:30-12:00
    Afternoon 2:00-4:30

Izu is famous for its natural beauty

Mountains and rivers

Crystal clean water flows down from Izu’s interior mountain streams, feeding its famous wasabi fields. Walk along the old mountain roads. Be blown away by sweeping vistas, and breathe new vitality in Izu’s restorative mountain air.

Amazing diving spots

The same streams become rivers carrying nutrients to an amazing variety of fish and sea creatures, attracting divers and snorkelers from afar and producing some of Japan’s most delicious seafood.


And the scenery!

Lava flows created some of the most amazing coastal scenery in Japan which can be enjoyed along many trails or from your spot on a sandy beach.

It’s all here in Izu!

Why Jimmy's Izu English Tours?

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Local Insight

I live here, work here, shop here, join the local festivals, help my neighbors, and teach the local kids.  I studied Japanese literature in Japan, and I love Japanese culture and history.

I ‘m always searching out  stories and regional folktales. Come explore Izu with me in a comfortable, easy to understand setting.


What else is there to do in Izu?

When you’re ready to see more of Izu, Jimmy’s Izu Tours is here to help. There are thirteen cities in Izu, and each has its own charm and unique character. Jimmy’s Izu works with just about every tourist office in Izu and maintains a list of links and information on our sister site, Izu Rhythm.