Walking Tours of Japan's Izu Peninsula

Ready to discover Izu?

The Izu Peninsula is consistently rated among Japan’s top three domestic vacation spots. What makes Izu such an  alluring place?

  • Charming locations
  • Friendly and welcoming people
  • Rich culture and important history
  • Incredible food
  • Amazing natural beauty

In spite of all this appeal, few international tourists know about Izu. Let Jimmy’s Izu Tours introduce you to this unique place with our guided tours.

Each tour is designed to show what makes Izu different from other places in Japan. We’ll explore ancient and modern Izu, learn about local plant and animal life, see how Izu’s unusual geology (similar to Hawaii) defines its character, and we’ll introduce you to Izu’s people and culture.


Miihama Cape
Old Shimoda Highway
Banjo no Taki Waterfall

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