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Hello and welcome to Izu!

First trip to Izu? Coming back because you love it?

Whatever it is that brings you here, let me show you this part of Japan in a way that few people get to see.


My name is Jimmy Nishida-Adams. Izu first cast its spell on me in 1995, when I was studying at Waseda University in Tokyo. I moved here permanently in 2019.

I’ve explored Izu’s ancient roads, temples and shrines. I’ve stared in awe at some of the most amazing scenery. I’ve been moved by the kind and relaxed attitude of locals who live and work in the mountains, the resort areas, and the fishing ports. I’ve heard many old folktales, historical accounts, and amazing stories about Izu people. I’ve tasted an incredible variety of delicious food.


In spite of all this, I continue to discover new places, people and facts about Izu all the time.

Let me show you the geographical and cultural diversity of the Izu peninsula. Please look the available tours and choose the one you’d like to start with. Feel free to send any questions through our contact form.


To learn lots more about Izu, please visit www.izurhythm.com

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