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the Izu Peninsula

One of Japan's Hidden Gems

One of the top three vacation destinations for people in the Tokyo/Yokohama metropolitan area, Izu remains off the beaten path for foreign tourists.

Isn’t it time somebody showed you what you’ve been missing?

Jimmy’s Izu Tours offers three half day walking tours designed to introduce you to the beauty, nature, history and culture of Izu.


Izu is:

View from Mt. Omuro

In spite of all this appeal and some of Japan’s best sight seeing spots, few English speaking tourists know about Izu.

Let Jimmy’s Izu Tours introduce you to this unique place with our English language  guided walking tours.

Each tour is designed to show what makes Izu different from other places in Japan.

You’ll explore ancient and modern Izu, get up close with Izu’s people and culture, learn how Izu’s unusual geology (similar to Hawaii) defines its character, and we’ll even teach you about the local plants and animals.

Find out why so many people love Izu!

Discover Izu with Jimmy's Izu Tours