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What is Jimmy's Izu Tours

Hello! My name is Jim Nishida-Adams. Everybody around here calls me Jimmy.

I live in Ito, the Izu peninsula’s largest city (population 70,000). The neighborhood where I live is called Ike (pronounced like the letters E K). It’s a small village with an ancient history.

Local people developed a way of life that allowed them to survive for thousands of years in this rugged terrain. Post industrial modernization has been the biggest challenge to that way of life, but their well practiced sense of determination and innovation is as strong as ever.

For example, Mt. Omuro, a sacred mountain at the center of this region, once provided the villagers with building materials, medicines and spiritual power. Now they proudly share their mountain as one of Izu’s most popular tourist and power spots with breathtaking, 360 degree views.

As a history enthusiast, writer and storyteller, I love exploring Izu and discovering its stories, people, and places. As a teacher, I love to share the beauty of Izu and its important place in Japanese culture and history. Finally, as a resident of Ike, I would be honored to share the charm and beauty of my adopted home and help you experience Japan in a way that few people, even Japanese, have a chance to experience.

Let me show you the highlights, the hidden places and the warmth and pride of local people. Come and discover the charm of the Izu Peninsula!


About Izu

Japan’s Izu Peninsula is a unique place with a unique culture.

It is one of the most popular destinations for Japanese tourists because of its plentiful hot springs, beautiful nature, diving spots, rock climbing and beaches.

All that was marketed to people in the Tokyo/Yokohama area by a railroad company that completed the first rail line down Izu’s rugged east coast in 1960. After that, the tourist infrastructure began to grow along resorts and with vacation homes.

This tourism era is what I call ‘New Izu.’ Few people know that there was an old Izu with a history dating back thousands of years. People have lived on this very rugged and mountainous peninsula and worked hard to develop sustainable practices and cultures that allowed them to survive and thrive. These are the people who invited the railroad and tourism businesses to create the vacation paradise of Izu that we know today.

The contrast and harmony of old and new Izu is one of its most interesting features. Please come and explore both!


Our Mission

To help you have a very ‘Japanese’ experience by interacting with local people and places in Izu. I hope that by discovering Izu, you will gain a deeper understanding of Japan.


Our Core Values


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